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Advisory Opinions Topics

In reviewing Advisory Opinions 92-072, 92-099, 92-118, 92-119, 92-145, 92-195, 92-207, 93-023, 93-047, 95-006, 98-006, 2006-002, 2007-003 and 2007-006, please be advised that those opinions have been overturned in part by an amendment to Section 8-13-740(4) and (5).  Effective April 12, 2007. 

Please click topics group link below to view additional topic information and download Advisory Opinions.

Topics Group 1

Additional Compensation Prohibited
Adjutant General
Administrative, Executive & Judicial Personnel
Applicability Of Ethics Reform Act
Ballot Measure Committee
Business With Which Associated
Cable Television

Topics Group 2

Campaign Contributions
Campaign Practices
Campaigning, Use Of Public Resources
Cash In Lieu Of Health Insurance
City Council
Confidentiality Provisions Of Ethics Act

Topics Group 3

Conflict of Interest/Economic Interests                                                                                                                                      
Contracting With Agency By Agency Member
Corporate Boards Of Directors
County Councils
Dual Office-holding

Topics Group 4

Forestry Commission
Fund Raisers
Gain, Use Of Position For Personal/financial
Gifts, Receipt Of In Attempt To Influence
Health And Environmental Control
Highway Department

Topics Group 5

Individual With Whom Associated
Large Class Exception
Law Enforcement And Fire Fighters
Lobbyists And Lobbying
Lobbyists' Principals (LP)
Meals, Accepting When Incident To Speaking
National Boards And Committees
Nepotism Provisions

Topics Group 6

Off-duty Employment
Political Action Committee (PAC)
Primary Run-Off
Private Sector Support Of Public Agencies

Topics Group 7

Professional Associations
Public Resources, Use Of
Public Service Districts                                                                                                                                                                      
Regulatory Agencies                                                                                                                                                            
Reimbursement Of Expenses
Representation Of Others
School District Trustees
Secretary Of State, References To

Topics Group 8

Speaking Engagements & Honoraria
Statement Of Economic Interests
Statutorily Required Service On Board Or Commission
University Faculty
Use of Public Resources
Vendors, Receipt Of Gifts From
Wildlife Department