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Advisory Opinions Topics 7

Professional Associations

Benefits available to all members, receipt of 92-025 (PDF), 92-032 (PDF), 93-012 (PDF)

Ethics Commission member accepting benefits as member of group regulated by SEC 92-025 (PDF)

School teachers and administrators 92-074 (PDF)

Public Resources, Use Of

By private organizations 92-161 (PDF)

City hosting county municipal association 92-125 (PDF)

EMS personnel and equipment, off-duty employment 92-178 (PDF)

Filing requirements of taxpayers association 92-231 (PDF)

Forestry Commission 92-080 (PDF)

Law enforcement officers off-duty employment 92-154  (PDF)

Regulatory Agencies

Members of city agencies representing clients before city agencies 92-109 (PDF)

Engineer serving on county planning commission 92-072 (PDF)

Reporting requirements and limitations of national campaign committee 92-240 (PDF)

Public Service Districts

Commissioner as writing agent for health insurance provider 92-179 (PDF)

Dual office-holding 92-152 (PDF)

Nepotism provisions 92-035 (PDF)

Vendor owned by Commissioner 92-136 (PDF)

Reimbursement of Expenses​​​​​​​

Commission on Aging 92-023 (PDF)

Employees also serving on statewide boards and commissions 92-205 (PDF)

Employee of one agency, seeking reimbursement from another 93-006 (PDF)

Event coverage as part of official duty 92-088 (PDF), 92-112 (PDF)

Federal government, from 92-058 (PDF)93-053 (PDF)

Foreign government, from 92-199 (PDF)

Forestry Commission 92-058 (PDF)

Law enforcement 92-084 (PDF)

Lobbyists' principals, from 92-063 (PDF)

National boards & committees, from 92-061 (PDF), 92-067 (PDF), 92-088 (PDF), 92-199 (PDF), 92-210 (PDF)

National & regional organizations 93-053 (PDF)

Political subdivision board members not prohibited from receiving 92-050 (PDF)

Private foundation, receipt of spouse's transportation expenses from 93-051 (PDF)

Reimbursement of Expenses to Public School Employees 92-222 (PDF)

Reinsurance facility, members receipt 92-242 (PDF)

Sheriff for out-of-town speaking 92-028 (PDF)

States, from other 92-058 (PDF)

State agencies 92-061 (PDF)

South Carolina Bar to public employees 92-051 (PDF)

Teaching hospital, faculty of 92-151 (PDF)

Textbook committee members who are school district employees 92-224 (PDF)

Training, contribution by State Fireman's Association to SC Fire Academy 92-185 (PDF)

Travel expenses for PRT officials & staff to attend conference 92-052 (PDF)

Travel expenses by vendor 92-046 (PDF), 92-197 (PDF), 93-008 (PDF)

University faculty 92-057 (PDF), 92-100 (PDF)

Workers' Compensation Commission 92-143 (PDF)  

Representation Of Others

A member of a city board or individuals or businesses with which that member is associated may not represent, as defined in Section 8-13-100(28), persons before any city agency or unit. 92-207 (PDF).

Accountants 92-054 (PDF)

Accountant on county council, CPA firm before county treasurer 93-023 (PDF)

Attorney who serves on Town Land Bank Commission 93-002 (PDF)

Architect when public service is statutory 92-099 (PDF), 92-119 (PDF)

Attorney in post-employment matter 92-008 (PDF), 92-062 (PDF)

Brother of agency chair representing clients before agency 93-030 (PDF)

Business license/solid waste disposal fee board 92-118 (PDF)

City attorney in general sessions court 92-001 (PDF)

County attorney 92-169 (PDF)

County Board of Assessment Appeals members appearing as witnesses 95-006 (PDF)

County councilman 92-075 (PDF), 2007-002 (PDF), 2007-006 (PDF)

Effect of Section 8-13-740 on city board member 92-207 (PDF)

Engineer when public service is statutory 92-072 (PDF)

Expert witness, testimony as 93-058 (PDF)

Law firm of members of defense base development commission representing developer 92-018

Mining council, member of when service is statutory 92-079 (PDF)

Ministerial duties of professionals before county boards 92-145 (PDF)

Municipal public official owns bail bonding business and conducts business in the court system for that municipality 2017-003 (PDF)

​​​​​​​Political party chairman also serving on voter registration board 92-195 (PDF)

Statewide officers, persons associated with 93-055 (PDF), 93-068 (PDF)

Tax assessor's office is county agency 93-070 (PDF)

Third party represent. of business w/which public member associated 93-047 (PDF)

University faculty 92-054 (PDF)

School District Trustees

Attorneys 92-105 (PDF)

Contracting with agency 92-59 (PDF)

Nepotism provisions 92-134 (PDF), 93-072 (PDF)

PAC, member of Board 92-141 (PDF)

Receipt of gifts from vendors 92-71 (PDF)

Secretary of State, References To

Awards to highway patrol 92-116 (PDF)

Awards luncheon for highway department employees 92-236 (PDF)

Business relations With lobbyists 92-007 (PDF)

Cable television, relationship with local officials 92-106 (PDF)

Chamber of Commerce events 92-090 (PDF)

Educational material of nominal value, distribution of 92-148 (PDF)

Invitations to functions, acceptance of 93-035 (PDF)

Joint program sponsorship 92-023 (PDF)

Private industry sponsorship of conferences and awards 92-186 (PDF)

Professional association employing lobbyist, membership in 93-012 (PDF)

Public employee retained by lobbyist or LP 92-043 (PDF), 92-135 (PDF)

Reception, attendance by county authorities as corporate customers of telephone company 92-149 (PDF)

Seedling program, participation by public officials/employees 92-160 (PDF)

Voting on matters affecting employee's spouses 92-105 (PDF)