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General Information 

As a part of its mission to enforce the Ethics Reform Act and ensure compliance with the registration and disclosure requirements of state law, the State Ethics Commission levies late filing penalties, and enforcement fines against violators. In that effort, the Commission has established the following list of public officials, public members, public employees, lobbyists, lobbyist’s principals, candidates and committees who have failed to pay late filing penalties and enforcement fines owed to the citizens of South Carolina.

All the information provided on the list below is public information. In each case the Commission has levied a late filing penalty, issued a public order with an enforcement fine, and/or has filed a judgment with the Clerk of Court/Register of Deeds in the county of residence.  Debt information may also be obtained directly from the Commission.

In an effort to collect these debts, Commission personnel have sent letters, telephoned, and/or made personal contact with the debtors. In addition, those debtors who have reached bad debt status have been referred to the S.C. Department of Revenue for collection through the Set Off Debt Program and Governmental Enterprise Accounts Receivable Collections (GEAR) Program. The current amount of penalty due may differ from the judgment amount as a result of partial payments or accrual of additional penalty. Since the last update, some taxpayers may have resolved their debts listed below and may be in the process of being removed from this list.

Any person or entity appearing in this list may contact the Commission to make arrangements for payment by calling (803) 253-4192 or writing the State Ethics Commission at 201 Executive Center Drive, Suite 150, Columbia, S.C. 29210.

Click the debtors' list link below to view the most current debtors.

Debtors List (PDF)