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Election Material

Please see the Candidate Newsletter  for an overview of the Ethics Act for candidates and watch the Candidate Training Video.   

In accordance with state law, it is the responsibility of the election/party official to inform every candidate of the electronic filing requirement for the Statement of Economic Interests and the Campaign Disclosure. Please notify each candidate that if the Campaign Disclosures and Statement of Economic Interests are not electronically filed within five (5) days of the established deadline, an initial fine of $100 is required.  After notice has been given by certified mail that the form has not been filed, the fine increases at $10 per day for the first ten (10) days, and $100 per day for each additional day the form is not filed. 

Statement of Economic Interests:   All  Statement of Economic Interests Forms must be filed electronically.  Electronic filing is accessed through the Quick Links above.  Upon filing, the information is immediately available to the public through public reporting, also accessed in Quick Links.  If you are filing a Statement of Economic Interests as a candidate, you must file your form using the electronic filing system. When you file a Statement of Economic Interests as a candidate depends on what type of candidate you are. The following graph is instructive:

When to File SEI

Type of candidate or other filer

SEI filed when?

Candidates who file with a local or state political party

Statement of Economic Interests report is due March 30th by noon or during the 14 day filing period, if not filing in March.

Candidates who file a petition for nomination

Statement of Economic Interests report is due within 15 days of submitting the petition.

Write-In Candidates

Statement of Economic Interests report is due within 24 hours of filing an initial campaign disclosure report or before taking the oath of office, whichever event occurs earlier.

All Other Candidates

Statement of Economic Interests report must be filed before taking the oath of office. (Section 8-13-1110)

Elected, Appointed and Employee filers

The Annual Statement of Economic Interests report is due by March 30th at noon.

New or Interim Appointed and Employee filers

The Statement of Economic Interests report is due upon assuming the duties of the position.


Failure to file timely requires the assessment of a fine pursuant to

Section 8-13-1510


Candidate Campaign Disclosure:  It is the responsibility of the candidate to electronically file this form, initially, within ten days after receiving or expending their first $500, to include their own money (please note an initial report is not required after every $500 spent or received). Thereafter, quarterly reports are due within ten days following the end of each calendar quarter before and after each election, until a final report with a zero balance is filed, whether contributions have been received or expenditures made. All candidates must electronically file a Pre-election report fifteen days before each election showing contribution and expenditure activity current as of 20 days before the election. This report is electronically filed even if no funds are received and no expenditures made. A Final Report is electronically filed when the campaign account is closed (i.e., no funds are in the account and no money is due or owed). NOTE: If a pre-election report is required to be filed within thirty days of the end of the prior calendar quarter, the quarterly report and pre-election report must be combined and filed to meet the pre-election report deadline.

Type of Report


Reporting Period

Due Date

Initial Campaign Disclosure


The first $500.00 raised or spent

Required to be file within 10 days after receiving or spending $500.  (Includes Filing Fee and candidate’s personal funds/loan to the campaign)

Pre-Election Campaign Disclosure


All contribution and expenditure activity current as of 20 days before the election.  This is required of all candidates, even if you do not raise or spend any money.



Due 15 – 20 days before each election


If a Pre-Election Campaign Disclosure is due within thirty days of the end of the prior quarter (March 31st, June 30th, September 30th, or December 31st), you must combine the quarterly report and the Pre-Election Campaign Disclosure fifteen days before the election.  For example, if you are in the November general election, you combine the October 10th Campaign Disclosure with the Pre-Election Campaign Disclosure.  It will be filed 15 days before the election. 

January 10th Campaign Disclosure


October 1st  – December 31st  

January 10th


April 10th Campaign Disclosure


January 1st - March 31st

April 10th


July 10th Campaign Disclosure


April 1st  – June 30th

July 10th


October 10th Campaign Disclosure


July 1st  – September 30th

October 10th


Final     You must continue to file quarterly until the campaign account is closed, and no money is due or owed.   

Candidates Roster - The roster is sent by the election official.  Commission staff appreciates the continued sharing of this information. 

Successful Candidates - Within a reasonable time after the election, please complete and return the report listing names of the successful candidates, unsuccessful candidates and those who were unopposed. 

Notice to All Candidates - Electronic Filing is Mandatory.

The State Ethics Commission Public Disclosure and Accountability Reporting System is the electronic filing component of campaign disclosure.  Click on Electronic Filing in the Quick Links above to access the log-in page. The User Guides for all reports are also in the Quick Links above. 

Please contact this office if we can provide further assistance