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Advisory Opinions Topics 3

Conflict of Interests/Economic Interests

Activities of college personnel 92-158

Board Member's Participation in Board Actions 93-001 (PDF)

City Council Member/property owner discussing zoning 2008-004 (PDF)

Commissioner associated with firm conducting business with commission 92-237 (PDF)

Conflict of interest in a zoning matter 2015-003 (PDF)

Conflict of interest in an upgrade to city boardwalk 2011-002 (PDF)

Conflict of Interests 2004-001 (PDF)

Economic Interests 2002-003 (PDF)

Law Firm of Members of Defense Base Development Commission Representing Developer 92-018 (PDF) 

Professional Providers Serving on Social Services Advisory Boards 92-241 (PDF)

Public official participating in a contract to a company in which he owns stock 2000-007 (PDF)

Public member participating in matter involving economic interests of a client 2000-004 (PDF)

Public employee and the regulatory process 2003-002 (PDF)

Public member leasing property from his public entity 2003-004 (PDF)

Public official voting on matters involving the maintenance and repair of a city asset 2010-004 (PDF)

Public servants voting on budgets 2020-002 (PDF)

Town council member/property owner's ability to participate in zoning decision 2018-001 (PDF)

Contracting With Agency By Agency Member

Agency commissioner investing in business that may negotiate with agency 93-056 (PDF)

Agency contracting with employer of an agency employee's spouse 93-077 (PDF)

Board member of agency as agency employee 92-006 (PDF)

Bank employee serving on board that banks with board member's employer 93-062 (PDF)

City councilman 92-005 (PDF)
    Adult child of city councilman 92-214 (PDF)
    City council member's business bidding on contract with city council 93-054 (PDF)
    Nonprofit group 93-040 (PDF)

Commission member's business submitting bid on commission project 94-008 (PDF)

Commissioner associated with firm conducting business with commission 92-237 (PDF)

County board of public works, member contracting with 92-198 (PDF)

County council 92-142 (PDF)

County council chairman with his company 92-014 (PDF)

County councilman as paving contractor 92-010 (PDF)

County councilman's business subcontractor on county project 93-078 (PDF)

County voter registration board compensating its member 92-223 (PDF)

DHEC board member contracting with county health departments 93-063 (PDF)

Deputy coroner, contracting with agency 93-057 (PDF)

Employer of agency board member contracting with the agency 92-182 (PDF)

Employer of school board chairman doing business with the county 94-002 (PDF)

Engineer/steel co. president serving on County Mental Retardation Board 92-145 (PDF)

Fire department, retirement fund 93-064 (PDF)

Hospital purchasing supplies on emergency basis from hosp. trustee 92-045 (PDF)

Law firm of members of defense base development commission representing developer 92-018

Loan sought by nonprofit development corp. of which board member is associated 92-235 (PDF)

Nepotism provisions 92-104 (PDF)

Nepotism, spouse working for entity that contracts w/public agency 93-014 (PDF), 93-016 (PDF)

Nonprofit assn., executive director serving on committee that funds assn. 93-025 (PDF)

Off-duty employer of agency employee 92-206 (PDF)

Payroll, fire district commissioner may contract w/district to prepare 93-064 (PDF)

Performing official function relating to contract prohibited 92-15 (PDF)

Professional providers serving on social services advisory boards 92-241 (PDF)

Public service commissioner contracting with district 92-136 (PDF)

Public service commissioner as writing agent for health insurance provider 92-179 (PDF)

Procurement review panel members not prohibited from contracting with state agencies 92-48 (PDF)

Savings & Loan Officer as council member, S & L bid restrictions 93-32 (PDF)

School board member who is developer 93-01 (PDF), 2009-005 (PDF)

School district trustee with spouse 92-59 (PDF)

Subcontracting with business which contracts with agency 92-229 (PDF)

Teacher as vendor to school district 92-123 (PDF)

Tourism commission member as tour operator 92-192 (PDF)

University faculty consulting 92-85 (PDF)

University board member 92-229 (PDF), 2010-003 (PDF)  

Corporate Boards Of Directors

Public Member may serve on 92-49 (PDF)

State university president may serve on 2007-010 (PDF)

County Councils

Accountant/Council Member, CPA firm audits political subdivisions 93-23 (PDF)

Conflict of Interest 2002-007 (PDF)

Conflicts of interests for council members who sit on various boards 2000-011 (PDF)

Contracting with agency 92-142 (PDF)

Council chairman contracting with his company 92-14 (PDF), 92-239 (PDF)

Councilman as Fire chief voting on fire service issues 95-010 (PDF)

Councilman as Hospital employee, voting on budget 92-092 (PDF)

Councilman as Legal counsel to special purpose district 92-014 (PDF)

Councilman as Paving contractor 92-010 (PDF)

Councilman leading effort to pass school bond referendum 92-036 (PDF)

Councilman representing clients 92-075 (PDF)

Council members voting on clerk of court budget 2005-003 (PDF)

Council members voting on salary increase 98-002 (PDF)

Council members voting on purchasing property from cooperative when they are customers 98-011 (PDF)

County Government selling services to the private sector 98-003 (PDF)

Environmental Issues 93-067 (PDF)

Former member's use of campaign funds for legal expenses 93-061 (PDF)

Housing rehabilitation program, councilman participation in 92-113 (PDF)

Matters affecting public hospital employees and board members 96-007 (PDF)

Nepotism 92-096 (PDF), 92-144 (PDF)

Public Resources, Use of in campaign, 92-140 (PDF)

Savings & Loan Officer as council member, S & L bid restrictions 93-032 (PDF)

Service in more than one official capacity 92-077 (PDF)

Submitting application for a county position 98-012 (PDF)

Voting on budgets 92-115 (PDF)

Zoning 2003-001 (PDF)

Dual Office-holding

Agency director/committee member and grants to agency 98-009 (PDF)

Clerk of court serving on board of shelter for abused women 92-150 (PDF)

Conservation district employee serving on conservation board 2008-001 (PDF)

Council member also on park foundation board 93-040 (PDF)

Council member as county employee, voting on agreement with county 93-049 (PDF)

Conflict of interest for public officials sitting on various boards 2002-009 (PDF)

Council Member 92-077 (PDF)

DSS board members serving as guardian ad litem in family court 93-011 (PDF)

Public employee serving on county transportation committee 94-010 (PDF)

EMS Director serving on regional EMS council 92-131 (PDF)

General Assembly employee running for position on Public Service Commission 98-008 (PDF)

Member, Board of Economic Advisors & CEO of SC Chamber of Commerce 96-002 (PDF)

MUSC instructor serving on board of social work examiners 92-124 (PDF)

Paramedic training 92-108 (PDF)

Public employee also elected as public official 92-137 (PDF), 93-041 (PDF), 2002-006 (PDF)

Public service districts, service on more than one 92-152 (PDF)

Public works director serving on authority funded by county 92-145 (PDF)

School board member serving as president of association suing the school board 93-081 (PDF)

School district employee serving on county election commission 93-076 (PDF)

Town employee serving on water and sewer board 92-221 (PDF)

Travel reimbursement, public employees serving on state boards & commissions 92-205 (PDF), 92-224 (PDF)

Voting on budgets 92-115 (PDF)

University board member/university foundation member 2009-004 (PDF)


Public official using his office to influence outcome of election 2000-008 (PDF)

To influence the outcome of an election within 45 days of the election 2006-004 (PDF)

Use of public resources to influence the outcome of an election or ballot measure 2018-003 (PDF) and 2018-004 (PDF)


Email and campaigns 2003-003 (PDF)