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Advisory Opinions Topics 8

Speaking Engagements & Honoraria

Commission on Aging 92-093 (PDF)

Compensation for speaking engagements 92-151 (PDF)

Gift certificate, prohibited 93-071 (PDF)

Public employee & SC Bar 92-051 (PDF)

Registration fee, incidental to speaking 93-010 (PDF)

Reimbursement of expenses to public school employees 92-222 (PDF) 

Statement Of Economic Interests

Advisory Board, filing requirements 93-066 (PDF)

Artists' proofs, receipt of by public officials 92-107 (PDF)

Attorney reporting fees received from governmental entities 92-076 (PDF)

Auditorium Board members receiving complementary tickets 92-089 (PDF)

Board of Architectural Examiners 92-069 (PDF)

Calculation of value per person of event 92-106 (PDF)

City officials 92-029 (PDF), 92-103 (PDF)

Chamber of Commerce events 92-090 (PDF)

Commissions appointed by Governor 92-065 (PDF), 92-073 (PDF)

Community central health boards 92-070 (PDF)

Conservation officers 92-126 (PDF)

Consultant engineering firm in contractual relationship w/political subdivision 93-039 (PDF)

County forestry boards, exempt from filing 92-168 (PDF)

County officials receiving anything of value from LP 92-031 (PDF)

CPA as Consultant - Requirement to File SEI 92-086 (PDF)

Disclosure of anything of value 93-028 (PDF), 93-035 (PDF)

Emergency responders reporting meal received from LP 92-169 (PDF)

Local official as consultant 92-056 (PDF)

Meals, reporting purchased by one public official for another public official 92-177 (PDF)

Meal invitations, acceptance by city council members 93-040 (PDF)

Official capacity, receipt of VIP transportation passes because of 93-038 (PDF)

Parks, Recreation, and Tourism division directors not required to file 92-052 (PDF)

Private foundation, receipt of spouse's transportation expenses from 93-051 (PDF)

Public Service Commission employee, required to file when employed by regulated industry 92-093 (PDF)

Purchasing agents 92-088 (PDF)

Reporting government income 2020-001 (PDF)

State cosmetology board member must report anything of value given by regulated industry 92-032 (PDF)

Statewide board and commission members 92-047 (PDF)

Sentencing Guidelines Commission 92-026 (PDF)

Textbook advisory committee, exempt from filing 92-163 (PDF)

Trade show, passes to 92-188 (PDF)

University faculty member serving on corporation's board of directors 92-100 (PDF)

Statutorily Required Service On Board Or Commission

Architect representing clients 92-099 (PDF), 92-119 (PDF)

Attorney serving on town commission, representation before other town agencies 93-002 (PDF)

Board of Electrical Examiners 92-115 (PDF)

Charleston Pilotage Commission 92-033 (PDF)

Engineer representing clients 92-072 (PDF)

Mining Council, member of 92-079 (PDF)

MUSC instructor serving on Board of Social Work Examiners 92-124 (PDF)

Residential health care providers 92-164 (PDF)

University Faculty​​​​​​​

Activities of College Personnel 92-158 (PDF)

Agency reimbursement 92-054 (PDF)

Authoring textbooks for use in course 93-077 (PDF)

Consulting 92-085 (PDF)

Expert witness 93-058 (PDF)

Faculty Member Receiving Extra Compensation from Grant 92-184 (PDF)

Meal incident to speaking 92-054, 92-057 (PDF)

Payment of Consulting Fees to Professors 92-193 (PDF)                 

Service on board of directors of corporation 92-100 (PDF), 2007-010 (PDF)

Vendors, Receipt Of Gifts From​​​​​​​

Sponsorship of meeting & conferences 92-027 (PDF), 92-172 (PDF), 92-204 (PDF), 93-008 (PDF)

Accepting furniture won in contest 92-021 (PDF)

Event coverage as part of official duty 92-088 (PDF)

Hospital employee 92-092 (PDF)

Law enforcement 92-084 (PDF)

Meal/coffee break 92-037 (PDF), 92-039 (PDF), 92-146 (PDF), 93-008 (PDF), 93-029 (PDF)

Promotional/educational material at vendor-sponsored shows 93-008 (PDF)

School district trustees 92-071 (PDF)

State agencies, travel reimbursement 92-061 (PDF)

State agency using vendor-supplied computer 92-041 (PDF)

Teachers 94-014 (PDF)

Trade Show, passes to 92-188 (PDF)

Travel expenses for review team 92-046 (PDF)

Vendor loaning equipment to state agency 92-002 (PDF)

Wildlife Department​​​​​​​

Additional compensation prohibited 93-044 (PDF)

Law enforcement advisory board 93-074 (PDF)

Receipt of anything of value 92-53 (PDF)

Receipt of hunting/fishing invitations 92-97 (PDF)

Statement of Economic Interests 93-066 (PDF)