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Advisory Opinions Topics 2

Campaign Contributions

Soliciting contributions from candidates' employees 2002-012 (PDF)

By attorneys to Attorney General election campaign 92-19 (PDF)

By corporations 92-187 (PDF)

By federal candidate committees 92-13 (PDF)

By lobbyists / PACs 92-07 (PDF)

By PACs 92-94 (PDF), 92-187 (PDF)   

Campaign expenditures at private membership clubs 2016-004 (PDF)

Candidate collecting contributions without specifying office 93-082 (PDF)

Candidate's Use of Personal Vehicle 2014-001 (PDF)        

City employees making 93-40 (PDF)

Contributions in a primary run-off 2014-004 (PDF)

Contribution limits of individuals and proprietorships 94-020 (PDF)

Contribution limits of partnerships and corporations 95-005 (PDF)

Contribution limitations of party committees 95-001 (PDF), 2003-005 (PDF)

Contribution rollover requirements between campaigns 99-006 (PDF)

Deceased candidate's campaign fund 2007-008 (PDF)

Digital Cryptographic Currency 2021-001 (PDF)

Electric cooperatives, as non-operating expense 93-42 (PDF)

Election cycle contribution limits 93-052 (PDF)

Former candidate, retiring 1990 debt 92-203 (PDF)

Fund-raising events 92-007 (PDF)

Fund-raising by non-candidate committee 99-007 (PDF)

Legal expenses, use of funds in defraying expenses incurred in official capacity 93-61 (PDF)

Legislative Black Caucus 92-81 (PDF)

Loans 2009-003 (PDF)

Filing Requirement of Taxpayers Association 92-231 (PDF)            

Political party marketing telephone service 94-019 (PDF)

Record-Keeping and Disclosure Requirements of County Political Parties 93-059 (PDF)

Reporting Requirements and Limitations of National Campaign Committee 92-240 (PDF)

School board candidates, from district employees & persons conducting business with district 92-215 (PDF)

Solicitation of contributions by Adjutant Gen. candidate from guard members 94-016 (PDF), 2002-012 (PDF)

Solicitation by trade association 92-38 (PDF)

Solicitor accepting contributions from lobbyists 94-018 (PDF)

Through retail sales of goods, 98-007 (PDF)

To political parties by lobbyists 92-13 (PDF)

Transfer of funds from federal campaign to state campaign 2002-001 (PDF)

Transfer of funds from one campaign account to a different campaign account 2002-002 (PDF)

Campaign Practices

Acceptable expenditures from campaign funds 2003-006 (PDF)

Candidate poll 99-004 (PDF)

County political parties, funds solicited for non-campaign related expenses 93-59 (PDF)

Effective Dates 92-004 (PDF)

Email prohibitions  2003-003 (PDF)

Former official's use of campaign funds for legal expenses 93-061 (PDF)

Procedures for candidates to hold joint fund-raisers 2002-011 (PDF)

Public employee running for public office 93-41 (PDF)

Sale of campaign kits to candidates and committees 96-005 (PDF)

Campaign expenditures at private membership clubs 2016-004 (PDF)

Campaign expenditures used for services from candidate’s business, family business, or family member 2017-002 (PDF)

Use of Campaign Funds to Pay Fines or Penalties Imposed for Violations of the Ethics Act 2019-001 (PDF)

Campaigning, Use Of Public Resources

Adjutant General 92-055 (PDF)

Campaign practices and the use of public buildings 2001-004 (PDF), 2004-002 (PDF)

Campaign signs on public property 2006-001 (PDF)

County council 92-140 (PDF)

Deputy sheriff 92-012 (PDF), 92-040 (PDF)

Sheriff 92-028 (PDF)

Cash In Lieu Of Health Insurance

County employees offered 92-082 (PDF)

City Council

Attorneys as mayor/council member, firms represent regulated industry 93-007 (PDF)

Business of council member bidding on & performing contract w/ council 93-054 (PDF)

Conflicts of interests for council members who sit on various boards 2000-011 (PDF)

Council member's firm representing clients before city agencies 98-006 (PDF); 2006-002 (PDF)

Confidentiality provisions of Ethics Act 92-130 (PDF)

Conflict of interests and official capacity 2004-003 (PDF), 2008-003 (PDF)

Councilman contracting with council
    Adult child of councilman 92-214 (PDF)
    Nonprofit corporation 92-005 (PDF)

Council member as county employee, voting on agreement with county 93-049 (PDF)

Disqualification from voting; reentering the debate 96-003 (PDF)

Dual service by member, also on park foundation board 93-040 (PDF)

Law firm shareholder serving on council 2002-004 (PDF)

Mayor contracting with council for auto repairs 92-011 (PDF)

Mayor purchasing property from town, 98-010 (PDF)

Meal invitations, acceptance of 93-040 (PDF)

Nepotism provisions 92-016 (PDF)

Private industry support, donations of equipment 93-040 (PDF)

Receipt of gifts to influence 92-103 (PDF)

Voting on budget 92-068 (PDF)

Confidentiality Provisions Of Ethics Act

City council member 92-130 (PDF)

Confidentiality Provisions of the Ethics Act 2022-001 (PDF)

Confidentiality of investigations 2002-010 (PDF)

Waiver of confidentiality 2000-006 (PDF)