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Advisory Opinions Topics 4

Forestry Commission

Private industry support of 92-147 (PDF)

Public facilities, use of 92-080 (PDF)

State forester participating in land replacement issues, 99-002 (PDF)

Travel reimbursement 92-058 (PDF)

Fund Raisers

Procedures for candidates to hold joint fund-raisers 2002-011 (PDF)

Gain, Use Of Position For Personal/financial​​​​​​​

Accountant/council member, CPA firm audits political subdivisions 93-023 (PDF)

Advisory council members participating in industry issues 92-220 (PDF)

Agency director/committee member participating in grants to agency 98-009 (PDF)

Agency receipt of voice-mail system 92-166 (PDF)

Artists' proofs, receipt of by public officials 92-107 (PDF)

Attorneys as mayor/council member, firms represent regulated industry 93-07 (PDF)

Board members not prohibited from receiving travel reimbursement 92-50 (PDF), 92-89 (PDF)

Benefits accruing from state-provided services 92-022 (PDF)

Bidding on contracts by agency members 92-159 (PDF)

Bills for city employees' cellular phone service, billed to employees at city hall 93-26 (PDF)

Bonus points (travel/frequent flyer), personal use of 92-212 (PDF)

Board member of agency as agency employee 92-06 (PDF)

Board member of agency as board member of regulated entity 92-171 (PDF)

Business license/solid waste disposal fee board 92-118 (PDF)

City Attorney - Advice beyond scope of employment 93-48 (PDF)

City Attorney - Obtaining business for private law firm 93-48 (PDF)

City council Member as county employee, voting on agreement with county 93-49 (PDF)

Council member voting on budget 92-68 (PDF)

COG director with loan from revolving loan fund 92-20 (PDF)

College instructor authoring text for use in his course 93-077 (PDF)

Compensation package question referred to Division of Human Resource Management 92-238 (PDF)

Confidential information, use of 92-174 (PDF)

Consultant fee, receipt of while engaged in official capacity 92-227 (PDF)

Cosmetology board member teaching classes 92-003 (PDF)

Councilman representing clients 92-075 (PDF)

Councilman serving in more than one official capacity 92-077 (PDF)

Councilman as paving contractor 92-010 (PDF)

Councilman with interest in solid waste company 92-239 (PDF)

Debris hauler serving on county recycling board 92-145 (PDF)

Department of Education soliciting advertisements for agency newspaper 92-16 (PDF)

DHEC employee with financial interest in mobile homes 92-132 (PDF)

Eleemosynary organization president also serving on county historic preservation commission 93-046 (PDF)

Employee Utilizing Condo While Attending Conferences 92-114 (PDF)

Energy advisory commission members participating in actions affecting economic interests, 92-230 (PDF)

Environmental Issues and economic interests of county council member 93-067 (PDF)

Free services or advice offered by commission members 92-182 (PDF)

HHFSC employee serving on board of service provider 92-181 (PDF)

Health care provider as DHEC board member 92-091 (PDF)

Highway department employee 92-066 (PDF)

Hospital trustee employed by hospital 92-045 (PDF)

Housing rehabilitation program, council member participating in 92-113 (PDF)

Interviews, between textbook evaluation committee members & publishers 92-180 (PDF)

Nonprofit associate, executive director serving on committee that funds association 93-025 (PDF)

Political chairman serving on voter registration board 92-195 (PDF)

Property ownership by member of city redevelopment commission 92-155 (PDF)

Property value, increase due to official action 92-174 (PDF)

Psychologist on county substance abuse commission 92-009 (PDF)

Public service district commission as writing agent for health insurance provider 92-179 (PDF)

Reinsurance facility, member also serving on board of profess. assn 93-012 (PDF)

Sales to agency gift shop 92-104 (PDF)

Savings & Loan officer as council member, S & L bid restrictions 93-032 (PDF)

School employees also on council, voting on school budget 92-201 (PDF)

School employee participation in purchasing agree. w/vendors 97-002 (PDF)

School superintendent & board chairman serving on bank advisory board 92-233 (PDF)

Tax assessors & auditors, payment of certification 93-069 (PDF)

Textbooks, unclaimed samples to be used in classroom 92-163 (PDF), 94-014 (PDF)

Tourism commissioner as tour operator 92-192 (PDF)

Training/employment of EMS director who also serves on regional EMS council 92-131 (PDF)

Use of personally owned residence while attending convention 95-002 (PDF)

Voluntary service by public employ. on board of United Way agency 93-013 (PDF)

Witness fees, receipt of 93-034 (PDF), 93-058 (PDF)

Gifts, Receipt Of In Attempt To Influence​​​​​​​

Acceptance of Gifts 2013-001 (PDF)

Agency-Sponsored Banquets 92-120 (PDF)

Artists' proofs, receipt of by public officials 92-107 (PDF)

Chamber of Commerce events 92-090 (PDF)

Christmas gifts, receipt of by local officeholders from electric cooperative 92-219 (PDF)

Civic Center events, complementary tickets 92-129 (PDF)

City Councils 92-103 (PDF)

Compensation, receipt from private employer while serving in public capacity 92-218 (PDF)

Complimentary tickets to local auditorium board 92-089 (PDF)

County Officials 92-31 (PDF)

Economic Development Employee Receiving Benefits 95-009 (PDF)

Educational Material of Nominal Value 92-148 (PDF)

Emergency response personnel 92-095 (PDF)

Higher Education Commission 92-120 (PDF)

Hospital Employee 92-092 (PDF)

Hunting and fishing invitations 92-097 (PDF), 92-146 (PDF)

Judging civic/school competition, gift for 92-146 (PDF)

Law enforcement 92-084 (PDF)

Meals - Army providing for state employees 92-183 (PDF)

Meals - Client appreciation Dinners 92-194 (PDF)

Meals - Electric cooperative providing to local officeholders 92-219 (PDF)

Meals - Given from one public official to another 92-177 (PDF)

Meals - Private industry support of awards lunch for Hwy Dept. employees 92-236 (PDF)

Meals - Program participants, all receive 93-028 (PDF)

Meals - Promotional/Educational material 93-043 (PDF)

Meals - Purchased by Planning Director for Planning Commissioner 92-146 (PDF)

Meals - Served incident to emergency training programs 92-170 (PDF)

Meal/Coffee break at vendor-sponsored shows 93-008 (PDF)

Monetary Gifts prohibited 92-232 (PDF)

National Boards & Committees, receipt of gifts from 92-120 (PDF), 92-176 (PDF)

Officers killed in the line of duty, 99-001 (PDF)

Promotional items, exception for 92-146 (PDF)

Proper reporting of gifts on Statement of Economic Interests 92-089 (PDF), 2002-008 (PDF)

Public employee's selection of contractor to build private home 93-075 (PDF)

Public  entity seeking discounted dental/eye plans for employees 92-146 (PDF)

Public employee as member of lobbyist's principal organization 98-013 (PDF)

Reception, attendance by county authorities as corporate customers of telephone company, 92-149 (PDF)

School employees, receipt of gifts from PTA 92-232 (PDF)

Seedling program, participation by public officials/employees 92-160 (PDF)

Seminar, all participants receive meal 93-027 (PDF), 93-028 (PDF)

Sheriff's deputies receiving complimentary football tickets 95-011 (PDF)

State agencies, generally 92-120 (PDF)

Trade show, passes to 92-188 (PDF)

Training programs, receipt of tuition & expenses 92-225 (PDF)

Training for agency director 93-036 (PDF)

VIP transportation passes given to elected officials 93-038 (PDF)

Wedding Gifts Given to Public Employees 92-138 (PDF)                  

Wildlife Department 92-053 (PDF), 92-097 (PDF)

Health And Environmental Control​​​​​​​

DHEC and SC Restaurant Assn 92-024 (PDF)

DHEC board member contracting with county health dept. 93-063 (PDF)

General DHEC questions 92-110 (PDF)

Mobile homes, department employee with economic interest in 92-132 (PDF)

Service on board by health care providers 92-091 (PDF), 2008-002 (PDF)  

Highway Department​​​​​​​

Awards to highway patrol  92-116 (PDF)

Covering event as part of official duty 92-112 (PDF)

Use of position 92-066 (PDF)