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Advisory Opinions Topics 5

Individual With Whom Associated

Workers' Compensation Commissioners' Associations when they serve Ex Officio on Certain Non-Profit Organizations 2018-002 (PDF)

Large Class Exception

Hospital Board Members Voting on Insurance Issue 92-064 (PDF)

Large Class Exception 2014-002 (PDF)

Law Enforcement And Fire Fighters

Awards from military, receipt of 92-122 (PDF)

Campaigning 92-012 (PDF), 92-028 (PDF), 92-040 (PDF)

Law enforcement officers & firemen, monetary awards for outstanding service 97-004 (PDF)

Nepotism 92-028 (PDF)

Off-duty employment 92-154 (PDF)

Private industry sponsorship of conferences and awards 92-186 (PDF)

Proceeds from Police barbecue 92-146 (PDF)

Receipt of anything of value 92-084 (PDF), 95-011 (PDF), 99-001 (PDF)

Spouse of City Police Chief selling mace 92-153 (PDF)

Lobbyists And Lobbying

Association lobbyist providing PAC support 94-009 (PDF)

BIPEC's submission of names to General Assembly or Governor  97-001 (PDF)

Business relations With 92-007 (PDF)

Campaign contributions 92-007 (PDF), 92-013 (PDF)

Chamber of Commerce events 92-090 (PDF)

Lobbying and social media 2014-003 (PDF)

Lobbying by state agencies and their employees 2005-001 (PDF)

Lobbyist serving as university board secretary 2008-008 (PDF)

Lobbyist serving on advisory board 94-007 (PDF)

Lobbyist serving on Solid Waste Advisory Council 98-001 (PDF)

One year wait to lobby 2007-004 (PDF)

Payment of referral fees to lobbyists 2001-002 (PDF)

Professional association employing lobbyist, membership in 93-012 (PDF)

Registered lobbyists receipt of improperly addressed invitations 96-006 (PDF)

Relationships disclosed on Statement of Economic Interests 92-047 (PDF)

Solicitor accepting contributions from lobbyists 94-018 (PDF)

Spouses of state employees 92-087 (PDF)

Travel prohibitions 2010-002 (PDF)

Lobbyists' Principals (LP)​​​​​​​

Applicability of Ethics Reform Act to LP (Clemson University) 94-006 (PDF)

Applicability of Ethics Reform Act to members of LP trade association 95-004 (PDF)

Cable television, relationship with local officials 92-106 (PDF)

Chamber of Commerce events 92-090 (PDF)

County Officials receiving anything of value from LP 92-031 (PDF)

Emergency preparedness programs, providing to emergency responders 92-170 (PDF)

Gifts from LP disclosed on Statement of Economic Interests 92-092 (PDF)

Hosting Events by Multiple Lobbyists’ Principals 99-005 (PDF)

Limit status as a Lobbyist's Principal to only specified public offices or public bodies  2017-004 (PDF)

Lobbyist's principal hosting local government meetings 93-083 (PDF)

Lobbyist's principal inviting constitutional officer to function 94-015 (PDF)

Lobbyist's principal hosting teacher workshop 97-003 (PDF)

Municipal Association 92-063 (PDF)

PRT Foundation paying registration fees for public officials & LP sponsors 92-052 (PDF)

Off-duty employment of state employees 92-135 (PDF)

Relationships disclosed on Statement of Economic Interests 92-047 (PDF)

State commissions, relations with generally 92-120 (PDF)

University faculty 92-054  (DOC)

University lobbyist's principal providing football tickets to Governor's Office 2016-001 (PDF)

University lobbyist’s principal providing football tickets to Governor’s Office  2017-001 (PDF)

Meals, Accepting When Incident To Speaking​​​​​​​

Commission on Aging 92-23 (PDF)

Cosmetology, state board member 92-32 (PDF)

Event coverage as part of official duty 92-88 (PDF)

Law enforcement, acceptance by 92-84 (PDF)

Lobbyists' Principals, from 92-63 (PDF)

Public employee 92-104 (PDF)

South Carolina Bar 92-51 (PDF)

State library employees 92-37 (PDF)

University faculty 92-54 (PDF), 92-57 (PDF), 92-100 (PDF)

National Boards And Committees​​​​​​​

May pay expenses of members 92-037 (PDF)

Registration fees 92-120 (PDF), 92-176 (PDF)

Nepotism Provisions​​​​​​​

Adult child, city councilman voting on contract with 92-214 (PDF)

Brother of agency chair representing clients before agency 93-030 (PDF)

Child of agency board member, hiring of by agency 93-017 (PDF)

City employees 92-139 (PDF), 92-165 (PDF)

Contracting with agency 92-104 (PDF)

Contracting with public employee's agency by spouse's employer 93-014 (PDF), 93-016 (PDF)

County councilman relative employed by Agriculture Fair Board 92-096 (PDF)

Generally 92-156 (PDF)

Law enforcement, applied to 92-028 (PDF)

Marriage, future spouse of agency director also employed by same agency 93-018 (PDF),

Public employee and public member (same governmental entity) 2006-003 (PDF), 2009-001 (PDF)

Public service districts, applied to 92-035 (PDF)

Public works board, family of member 92-209 (PDF)

Salary issues, generally - City council 92-165 (PDF)

Salary issues, generally - County council 92-144 (PDF)

Salary issues, generally - Public works board 92-209 (PDF)

Salary issues, generally - School district trustees 92-134 (PDF)

Special purpose district, spouse of commissioner as employer 92-213 (PDF)

Spouse of civic center director associated with event promotion company 92-042 (PDF)

Spouse of school board chairman applying for principal's position 93-072 (PDF)

Spouses, running for & holding elective offices at the same level of government 93-024 (PDF)

Technical education center, spouse of director 92-190 (PDF)

Termination not required 92-030 (PDF)