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Advisory Opinions Topics 6

Off-duty Employment

Authoring textbooks 93-077 (PDF)

Budget & Control Board employee providing consulting services 94-003 (PDF), 2007-001 (PDF)

Band staff of high school, contracting with band booster club 93-033 (PDF)

Consulting by correctional center director 92-167 (PDF)

Contracting with agency, off-duty employer with employee's agency 92-206 (PDF)

County building inspectors with local contractors 93-003 (PDF)

County Coroner 2008-006 (PDF)

Department of Education employees 92-044 (PDF), 92-127 (PDF)

Department of Transportation 2001-005 (PDF)

DHEC employee 93-080 (PDF)

DSS County Director, feasibility study 93-009 (PDF)

EMS personnel 92-178 (PDF)

Employee of incorporated water dist. serving on county water authority 98-005 (PDF)

Faculty member receiving extra compensation from grant  92-184 (PDF)

Generally 92-202 (PDF)

Highway department employee 92-066 (PDF)

Law enforcement officers 92-154 (PDF)

Local official as consultant 92-056 (PDF)

Lobbyist's Principal, with 92-063 (PDF), 92-135 (PDF)

Part-time inspector of board of pharmacy, employment with private pharmacy 2001-003 (PDF)

Payment of consulting fees to professors 92-193 (PDF)

PSC employee also employed by regulated freight mover 92-093 (PDF)

Public employee serving on board of trade association 92-208 (PDF)

Public Resources, use of by law enforcement officers 92-154 (PDF)

Regulatory Agency 92-133 (PDF)

School District employee as instructor with non-profit organization 93-015 (PDF)

Authoring books, public employee 92-083 (PDF), 92-104 (PDF)

Tax Assessors and Auditor, private appraisal work 93-069 (PDF)

Tax Commission 92-060 (PDF), 92-173 (PDF)

Town Building Inspector 92-078 (PDF)

Town employee serving on Water and Sewer Authority Board 92-221 (PDF)

University faculty as consultant 92-85 (PDF)

Voluntary work by Director of Environmental Certification Board 92-157 (PDF)

Workshops, conducted by school "At Risk" target="_blank" coordinator 92-196  (PDF)

Political Action Committee (PAC)

Board member also school district trustee 92-141 (PDF)

Campaign contributions 92-007 (PDF), 92-094 (PDF), 92-187 (PDF)

Conducting campaign strategy workshop 92-094 (PDF)

Non-profit corporation & issue ads 2000-010 (PDF)

Private industry support of 92-117 (PDF)

Registration requirements 96-001 (PDF)

State Ethics Commissioners prohibited to officers 92-025 (PDF)


Consulting by former employee of public agency 93-004 (PDF), 93-031 (PDF), 2008-005 (PDF)

DHEC 92-110 (PDF), 92-243 (PDF), 93-019 (PDF)

Education department employees 92-121 (PDF), 92-128 (PDF)

Highway department employee with University of North Carolina 93-022 (PDF)

Lobbying by former employee of public agency 93-004 (PDF), 93-021 (PDF), 93-022 (PDF), 93-031 (PDF)

Post-employment of county administrator 2000-005 (PDF)

Post-Employment of Engineer Working on SC Coastal Council 92-200 (PDF)

Post-Employment of Public Employee 93-079 (PDF)

Procurement 92-101, 93-073, 2000-002, 2008-007 (PDF), 2023-001(PDF)

Public attorneys 92-008 (PDF), 92-062 (PDF), 93-005 (PDF)

Regional ETV station manager with computer graphics company 93-060 (PDF)

Regulatory agency, employee of 92-111 (PDF)

Retired public employee as consultant 93-021 (PDF)

Primary Run-Off

Contributions in the primary run-off 2014-004 (PDF)

Private Sector Support Of Public Agencies​​​​​​​

Adjutant General, receipt of 92-098 (PDF)

Automobile donation by manufacturer to Highway Patrol 93-037 (PDF)

Awards, sponsorship of 92-186 (PDF), 92-236 (PDF), 93-071 (PDF)

City's acceptance of equipment donation 93-040 (PDF)

Committee established to raise money to purchase equip. for Sheriff's Dept. 94-001 (PDF)

Conference's, sponsorship of 92-186 (PDF), 92-204 (PDF)

Corporate Support, generally 92-117 (PDF)

DHEC & SC Restaurant Assn. 92-024 (PDF)

Forestry Commission 92-147 (PDF)

Parks, Recreation, and Tourism on site visits 92-052 (PDF)

Private Foundation, receipt of spouse's transportation expenses from 93-051 (PDF)

County government selling services to the private sector 98-003 (PDF)

Solicitation of Support 93-028 (PDF)

Solicitation of Support by DSS 92-211 (PDF)

Training for Agency Director 93-036 (PDF)

Vendor support of conferences 92-172 (PDF)

Voice-mail system, agency receipt of 92-166 (PDF)

Soliciting campaign contributions 92-094 (PDF)