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Advisory Opinions Topics 



DSS 96-004

Highway Patrol 93-044


Private industry support, receipt 92-98

Solicitation of contributions from guard members 94-016, 2002-012

Use of public resources in campaign 92-55  


Administrative Law Judges 95-007

Defined 92-102

Public Service Commission and the Judicial Code of Conduct 2005-002


Administrative Law Judge 95-007

Applicability of Ethics Reform Act to DHEC functions 92-110

City advisory board members, not affected 92-175

County forestry boards 92-168

Nonprofit trade association 94-005

School board created non-profit corporation 2001-001

Small Employer Insurer Reinsurance Program 95-008

Submission of measures to voters 93-50

Textbook advisory committee 92-163

Volunteer fire department 93-45, 93-65


City attorney in general sessions court 92-01

City attorney
    Advice beyond scope of employment 93-48
    Obtaining business for private law firm 93-48

City mayor/council member's law firms representing regulated industry 93-07

Contributing to Attorney General election campaign 92-19

County attorney in magistrate's court 92-169

Fees received from governmental entities, reporting on SEI’s 92-76

Legislative contact by S. C. Bar committee chairs or members 98-004

Post-employment by employee of Attorney General's Office 93-05

Post-employment representation before agency 92-08, 92-62

School district trustee voting on matters affecting employees' spouses 92-105

Town land bank commission, service on 93-02


Ballot Measure Committees exempt from contribution limits 2000-003

Public Official Using His Office to Influence Outcome of Election 2000-008 

Referendum and Section 8-13-1346 93-050

Registration requirements 92-189


Governmental entity not a business 2009-002

Public official participating in a contract to a company in which he owns stock 2000-007

University president serving on publicly traded company board 2007-010


Relationship with local officials as a regulated industry 92-106


Soliciting contributions from candidates' employees 2002-012

By attorneys to Attorney General election campaign 92-19

By corporations 92-187

By federal candidate committees 92-13

By lobbyists 92-07

By PACs 92-07, 92-94, 92-187   

Campaign expenditures at private membership clubs 2016-004

Candidate collecting contributions without specifying office 93-082

City employees making 93-40

Contribution limits of individuals and proprietorships 94-020

Contribution limits of partnerships and corporations 95-005

Contribution limitations of party committees 95-001, 2003-005

Contribution rollover requirements between campaigns 99-006

Deceased candidate's campaign fund 2007-008

Electric cooperatives, as non-operating expense 93-42

Election cycle contribution limits 93-052

Former candidate, retiring 1990 debt 92-203

Fund-raising events 92-007

Fund-raising by non-candidate committee 99-007

Legal expenses, use of funds in defraying expenses incurred in official capacity 93-61

Legislative Black Caucus 92-81

Loans 2009-003

Political party marketing telephone service 94-019

School board candidates,  from district employees & persons conducting business with district 92-215

Solicitation of contributions by Adjutant Gen. candidate from guard members 94-016, 2002-012

Solicitation by trade association 92-38

Solicitor accepting contributions from lobbyists 94-018

Through retail sales of goods, 98-007

To political parties by lobbyists 92-13

Transfer of funds from federal campaign to state campaign 2002-001

Transfer of funds from one campaign account to a different campaign account 2002-002


Acceptable expenditures from campaign funds 2003-006

Candidate poll 99-004

County political parties, funds solicited for non-campaign related expenses 93-59

Effective Dates 92-004

Email prohibitions  2003-003

Former official's use of campaign funds for legal expenses 93-061

Procedures for candidates to hold joint fund-raisers 2002-011

Public employee running for public office 93-41

Sale of campaign kits to candidates and committees 96-005                                                                 

Campaign expenditures at private membership clubs 2016-004                                                            

Campaign expenditures used for services from candidate’s business, family business, or family member 2017-002


Adjutant General 92-055

Campaign practices and the use of public buildings 2001-004, 2004-002

Campaign signs on public property 2006-001

County council 92-140

Deputy sheriff 92-012, 92-040

Sheriff 92-028


County employees offered 92-082


Attorneys as mayor/council member, firms represent regulated industry 93-007

Business of council member bidding on & performing contract w/ council 93-054

Conflicts of interests for council members who sit on various boards 2000-011

Council member's firm representing clients before city agencies 98-006; 2006-002

Confidentiality provisions of Ethics Act 92-130

Conflict of interests and official capacity 2004-003, 2008-003

Councilman contracting with council
    Adult child of councilman 92-214
    Nonprofit corporation 92-005

Council member as county employee, voting on agreement with county 93-049

Disqualification from voting; reentering the debate 96-003

Dual service by member, also on park foundation board 93-040

Law firm shareholder serving on council 2002-004

Mayor contracting with council for auto repairs 92-011

Mayor purchasing property from town, 98-010

Meal invitations, acceptance of 93-040

Nepotism provisions 92-016

Private industry support, donations of equipment 93-040

Receipt of gifts to influence 92-103

Voting on budget 92-068


City council member 92-130

Waiver of confidentiality 2000-006

Confidentiality of investigations 2002-010 


Agency commissioner investing in business that may negotiate with agency 93-056

Agency contracting with employer of an agency employee's spouse 93-077

Board member of agency as agency employee 92-006

Bank employee serving on board that banks with board member's employer 93-062

City councilman 92-005
    Adult child of city councilman 92-214
    City council member's business bidding on contract with city council 93-054
    Nonprofit group 93-040

Commission member's business submitting bid on commission project 94-008

County board of public works, member contracting with 92-198

County council 92-142

County council chairman with his company 92-014

County councilman as paving contractor 92-010

County councilman's business subcontractor on county project 93-078

County voter registration board compensating its member 92-223

DHEC board member contracting with county health departments 93-063

Deputy coroner, contracting with agency 93-057

Employer of agency board member contracting with the agency 92-182

Employer of school board chairman doing business with the county 94-002

Engineer/steel co. president serving on County Mental Retardation Board 92-145

Fire department, retirement fund 96-064

Hospital purchasing supplies on emergency basis from hosp. trustee 92-045

Loan sought by nonprofit development corp. of which board member is associated 92-235

Nepotism provisions 92-104

Nepotism, spouse working for entity that contracts w/public agency 93-014, 93-016

Nonprofit assn., executive director serving on committee that funds assn. 93-025

Off-duty employer of agency employee 92-206

Payroll, fire district commissioner may contract w/district to prepare 93-064

Performing official function relating to contract prohibited 92-15

Public service commissioner contracting with district 92-136

Public service commissioner as writing agent for health insurance provider 92-179

Procurement review panel members not prohibited from contracting with state agencies 92-48

Savings & Loan Officer as council member, S & L bid restrictions 93-32

School board member who is developer 93-01, 2009-005

School district trustee with spouse 92-59

Subcontracting with business which contracts with agency 92-229

Teacher as vendor to school district 92-123

Tourism commission member as tour operator 92-192

University faculty consulting 92-85

University board member 92-229, 2010-003  


Public Member may serve on 92-49

State univeristy president may serve on 2007-010


Accountant/Council Member, CPA firm audits political subdivisions 93-23

Conflict of Interest 2002-007

Conflicts of interests for council members who sit on various boards 2000-011

Contracting with agency 92-142

Council chairman contracting with his company 92-14, 92-239

Councilman as
  Fire chief voting on fire service issues 95-010
  Hospital employee, voting on budget 92-092
  Legal counsel to special purpose district 92-014
  Paving contractor 92-010

Councilman leading effort to pass school bond referendum 92-036

Councilman representing clients 92-075

Council members voting on clerk of court budget 2005-003

Council members voting on salary increase 98-002

Council members voting on purchasing property from cooperative when they are customers 98-011

County Government selling services to the private sector 98-003

Environmental Issues 93-067

Former member's use of campaign funds for legal expenses 93-061

Housing rehabilitation program, councilman participation in 92-113

Matters affecting public hospital employees and board members 96-007

Nepotism 92-096, 92-144

Public Resources, Use of in campaign, 92-140

Savings & Loan Officer as council member, S & L bid restrictions 93-032

Service in more than one official capacity 92-077

Submitting application for a county position 98-012

Voting on budgets 92-115

Zoning 2003-001


Agency director/committee member and grants to agency 98-009

Clerk of court serving on board of shelter for abused women 92-150

Conservation district employee serving on conservation board 2008-001

Council member also on park foundation board 93-040

Council member as county employee, voting on agreement with county 93-049

Conflict of interest for public officials sitting on various boards 2002-009

Council Member 92-077

DSS board members serving as guardian ad litem in family court 93-011

Public employee serving on county transportation committee 94-010

EMS Director serving on regional EMS council 92-131

General Assembly employee running for position on Public Service Commission 98-008

Member, Board of Economic Advisors & CEO of SC Chamber of Commerce 96-002

MUSC instructor serving on board of social work examiners 92-124

Paramedic training 92-108

Public employee also elected as public official 92-137, 93-041, 2002-006

Public service districts, service on more than one 92-152

Public works director serving on authority funded by county 92-145

School board member serving as president of association suing the school board 93-081

School district employee serving on county election commission 93-076

Town employee serving on water and sewer board 92-221

Travel reimbursement, public employees serving on state boards & commissions 92-205, 92-224

Voting on budgets 92-115

University board member/university foundation member 2009-004


Conflict of Interests 2004-001

Economic Interests 2002-003

Public official participating in a contract to a company in which he owns stock 2000-007

Public member participating in matter involving economic interests of a client 2000-004

Public employee and the regulatory process 2003-002

Public member leasing property from his public entity 2003-004


Public official using his office to influence outcome of election 2000-008

To influence the outcome of an election within 45 days of the election 2006-004

Use of public resources to influence the outcome of an election or ballot measure 2018-003


Email and campaigns 2003-003


Private industry support of 92-147

Public facilities, use of 92-080

State forester participating in land replacement issues, 99-002

Travel reimbursement 92-058


Procedures for candidates to hold joint fund-raisers 2002-011


Accountant/council member, CPA firm audits political subdivisions 93-023

Advisory council members participating in industry issues 92-220

Agency director/committee member participating in grants to agency 98-009

Agency receipt of voice-mail system 92-166

Artists' proofs, receipt of by public officials 92-107

Attorneys as mayor/council member, firms represent regulated industry 93-07

Board members not prohibited from receiving travel reimbursement 92-50, 92-89

Benefits accruing from state-provided services 92-022

Bidding on contracts by agency members 92-159

Bills for city employees' cellular phone service, billed to employees at city hall 93-26

Bonus points (travel/frequent flyer), personal use of 92-212

Board member of agency as agency employee 92-06

Board member of agency as board member of regulated entity 92-171\

Business license/solid waste disposal fee board 92-118

City Attorney
    Advice beyond scope of employment 93-48
    Obtaining business for private law firm 93-48

City council Member as county employee, voting on agreement with county 93-49

Council member voting on budget 92-68

COG director with loan from revolving loan fund 92-20

College instructor authoring text for use in his course 93-077

Compensation package question referred to Division of Human Resource Management 92-238

Confidential information, use of 92-174

Consultant fee, receipt of while engaged in official capacity 92-227

Cosmetology board member teaching classes 92-003

Councilman representing clients 92-075

Councilman serving in more than one official capacity 92-077

Councilman as paving contractor 92-010

Councilman with interest in solid waste company 92-239

Debris hauler serving on county recycling board 92-145

Department of Education soliciting advertisements for agency newspaper 92-16

DHEC employee with financial interest in mobile homes 92-132

Eleemosynary organization president also serving on county historic preservation commission 93-046

Energy advisory commission members participating in actions affecting economic interests, 92-230

Environmental Issues and economic interests of county council member 93-067

Free services or advice offered by commission members 92-182

HHFSC employee serving on board of service provider 92-181

Health care provider as DHEC board member 92-091

Highway department employee 92-066

Hospital trustee employed by hospital 92-045

Housing rehabilitation program, council member participating in 92-113

Interviews, between textbook evaluation committee members & publishers 92-180

Nonprofit associate, executive director serving on committee that funds association 93-025

Political chairman serving on voter registration board 92-195

Property ownership by member of city redevelopment commission 92-155

Property value, increase due to official action 92-174

Psychologist on county substance abuse commission 92-009

Public service dist. commiss. as writing agent for health insurance provider 92-179

Reinsurance facility, member also serving on board of profess. assn 93-012

Sales to agency gift shop 92-104

Savings & Loan officer as council member, S & L bid restrictions 93-032

School employees also on council, voting on school budget 92-201

School employee participation in purchasing agree. w/vendors 97-002

School superintendent & board chairman serving on bank advisory board 92-233

Tax assessors & auditors, payment of certification 93-069

Textbooks, unclaimed samples to be used in classroom 92-163, 94-014

Tourism commissioner as tour operator 92-192

Training/employment of EMS director who also serves on regional EMS council 92-131

Use of personally owned residence while attending convention 95-002

Voluntary service by public employ. on board of United Way agency 93-013

Witness fees, receipt of 93-034, 93-058


Agency-Sponsored Banquets 92-120

Artists' proofs, receipt of by public officials 92-107

Chamber of Commerce events 92-090

Christmas gifts, receipt of by local officeholders from electric cooperative 92-219

Civic Center events, complementary tickets 92-129

City Councils 92-103

Compensation, receipt from private employer while serving in public capacity 92-218

Complimentary tickets to local auditorium board 92-089

County Officials 92-31

Economic Development Employee Receiving Benefits 95-009

Educational Material of Nominal Value 92-148

Emergency response personnel 92-095

Higher Education Commission 92-120

Hospital Employee 92-092

Hunting and fishing invitations 92-097, 92-146

Judging civic/school competition, gift for 92-146

Law enforcement 92-084

    Army providing for state employees 92-183
    Client appreciation Dinners 92-194
    Electric cooperative providing to local officeholders 92-219
    Given from one public official to another 92-177
    Private industry support of awards lunch for Hwy Dept. employees 92-236
    Program participants, all receive 93-028
    Promotional/Educational material 93-043
    Purchased by Planning Director for Planning Commissioner 92-146
    Served incident to emergency training programs 92-170

Meal/Coffee break at vendor-sponsored shows 93-008

Monetary Gifts prohibited 92-232

National Boards & Committees, receipt of gifts from 92-120, 92-176

Officers killed in the line of duty, 99-001

Promotional items, exception for 92-146

Proper reporting of gifts on Statement of Economic Interests 92-089, 2002-008

Public employee's selection of contractor to build private home 93-075

Public  entity seeking discounted dental/eye plans for employees 92-146

Public employee as member of lobbyist's principal organization 98-013

Reception, attendance by county authorities as corporate customers of telephone company, 92-149

School employees, receipt of gifts from PTA 92-232

Seedling program, participation by public officials/employees 92-160

Seminar, all participants receive meal 93-027, 93-028

Sheriff's deputies receiving complimentary football tickets 95-011

State agencies, generally 92-120

Trade show, passes to 92-188

Training programs, receipt of tuition & expenses 92-225

Training for agency director 93-036

VIP transportation passes given to elected officials 93-038

Wildlife Department 92-053, 92-097


DHEC and SC Restaurant Assn 92-024

DHEC board member contracting with county health dept. 93-063

General DHEC questions 92-110

Mobile homes, department employee with economic interest in 92-132

Service on board by health care providers 92-091, 2008-002


Awards to highway patrol  92-116

Covering event as part of official duty 92-112

Use of position 92-066   


Workers' Compensation Commissioners' Associations when they serve Ex Officio on Certain Non-Profit Organizations  2018-002


City councilmember/property owner discussing zoning 2008-004

Conflict of interest in a zoning matter 2015-003

Town council member/property owner's ability to participate in zoning decision 2018-001


Awards from military, receipt of 92-122

Campaigning 92-012, 92-028, 92-040

Law enforcement officers & firemen, monetary awards for outstanding service 97-004

Nepotism 92-028

Off-duty employment 92-154

Private industry sponsorship of conferences and awards 92-186

Proceeds from Police barbecue 92-146

Receipt of anything of value 92-084, 95-011, 99-001

Spouse of City Police Chief selling mace 92-153


Binding effect of opinion on requestor 92-015


Association lobbyist providing PAC support 94-009

BIPEC's submission of names to General Assembly or Governor  97-001

Business relations With 92-007

Campaign contributions 92-007, 92-013

Chamber of Commerce events 92-090

Lobbying by state agencies and their employees 2005-001

Lobbyist serving as university board secretary 2008-008

Lobbyist serving on advisory board 94-007

Lobbyist serving on Solid Waste Advisory Council 98-001

One year wait to lobby 2007-004

Payment of referral fees to lobbyists 2001-002

Professional association employing lobbyist, membership in 93-012

Registered lobbyists receipt of improperly addressed invitations 96-006

Relationships disclosed on Statement of Economic Interests 92-047

Solicitor accepting contributions from lobbyists 94-018

Spouses of state employees 92-087

Travel prohibitions 2010-002


Applicability of Ethics Reform Act to LP (Clemson University) 94-006

Applicability of Ethics Reform Act to members of LP trade association 95-004

Cable television, relationship with local officials 92-106

Chamber of Commerce events 92-090

County Officials receiving anything of value from LP 92-031

Emergency preparedness programs, providing to emergency responders 92-170

Gifts from LP disclosed on Statement of Economic Interests 92-092

Hosting Events by Multiple Lobbyists’ Principals 99-005

Limit status as a Lobbyist's Principal to only specified public offices or public bodies  2017-004

Lobbyist's principal hosting local government meetings 93-083

Lobbyist's principal inviting constitutional officer to function 94-015

Lobbyist's principal hosting teacher workshop 97-003

Municipal Association 92-063

PRT Foundation paying registration fees for public officials & LP sponsors 92-502

Off-duty employment of state employees 92-135

Relationships disclosed on Statement of Economic Interests 92-047

State commissions, relations with generally 92-120

University faculty 92-054  

University lobbyist's principal providing football tickets to Governor's Office 2016-001 

University lobbyist’s principal providing football tickets to Governor’s Office  2017-001


Commission on Aging 92-23

Cosmetology, state board member 92-32

Event coverage as part of official duty 92-88

Law enforcement, acceptance by 92-84

Lobbyists' Principals, from 92-63

Public employee 92-104

South Carolina Bar 92-51

State library employees 92-37

University faculty 92-54, 92-57, 92-100


May pay expenses of members 92-037

Registration fees 92-120, 92-176


Adult child, city councilman voting on contract with 92-214

Brother of agency chair representing clients before agency 93-030

Child of agency board member, hiring of by agency 93-017

City employees 92-139, 92-165

Contracting with agency 92-104

Contracting with public employee's agency by spouse's employer 93-014, 93-016

County councilman relative employed by Agriculture Fair Board 92-096

Generally 92-156

Law enforcement, applied to 92-028

Marriage, future spouse of agency director also employed by same agency 93-018,

Public employee and public member (same governmental entity) 2006-003, 2009-001

Public service districts, applied to 92-035

Public works board, family of member 92-209

Salary issues, generally
    City council 92-165
    County council 92-144
    Public works board 92-209
    School district trustees 92-134

Special purpose district, spouse of commissioner as employer 92-213

Spouse of civic center director associated with event promotion company 92-042

Spouse of school board chairman applying for principal's position 93-072

Spouses, running for & holding elective offices at the same level of government 93-024

Technical education center, spouse of director 92-190

Termination not required 92-030


Authoring textbooks 93-077

Budget & Control Board employee providing consulting services 94-003, 2007-001

Band staff of high school, contracting with band booster club 93-033

Consulting by correctional center director 92-167

Contracting with agency, off-duty employer with employee's agency 92-206

County building inspectors with local contractors 93-003

County Coroner 2008-006

Department of Education employees, 92-044, 92-127

Department of Transportation 2001-005

DHEC employee 93-080

DSS County Director, feasibility study 93-009

EMS personnel 92-178

Employee of incorporated water dist. serving on county water authority 98-005

Generally 92-202

Highway department employee 92-066

Law enforcement officers 92-154

Local official as consultant 92-056

Lobbyist's Principal, with 92-063, 92-135

Part-time inspector of board of pharmacy, employment with private pharmacy 2001-003

PSC employee also employed by regulated freight mover 92-093

Public employee serving on board of trade association 92-208

Public Resources, use of by law enforcement officers 92-154

Regulatory Agency 92-133

School District employee as instructor with non-profit organization 93-015

    Authoring books, public employee 92-083, 92-104

Tax Assessors and Auditor, private appraisal work 93-069

Tax Commission 92-060, 92-173

Town Building Inspector 92-078

Town employee serving on Water and Sewer Authority Board 92-221

University faculty as consultant 92-85

Voluntary work by Director of Environmental Certification Board 92-157

Workshops, conducted by school "At Risk" coordinator 92-196


Board member also school district trustee 92-141

Campaign contributions 92-007, 92-094, 92-187

Conducting campaign strategy workshop 92-094

Non-profit corporation & issue ads 2000-010

Private industry support of 92-117

Registration requirements 96-001

State Ethics Commissioners prohibited to officers 92-025

Soliciting campaign contributions 92-094   


Consulting by former employee of public agency 93-004, 93-031, 2008-005

DHEC 92-110, 92-243, 93-019

Education department employees 92-121, 92-128

Highway department employee with University of North Carolina 93-022

Lobbying by former employee of public agency 93-004, 93-021, 93-022, 93-031

Post-employment of county administrator 2000-005

Post employment of former public employee, 99-003

Procurement 92-101, 93-073, 2000-002, 2008-007

Public attorneys 92-008, 92-062, 93-005

Regional ETV station manager with computer graphics company 93-060

Regulatory agency, employee of 92-111

Retired public employee as consultant 93-021


Adjutant General, receipt of 92-098

Automobile donation by manufacturer to Highway Patrol 93-037

Awards, sponsorship of 92-186, 92-236, 93-071

City's acceptance of equipment donation 93-040

Committee established to raise money to purchase equip. for Sheriff's Dept. 94-001

Conference's, sponsorship of 92-186, 92-204

Corporate Support, generally 92-117

DHEC & SC Restaurant Assn. 92-024

Forestry Commission 92-147

Parks, Recreation, and Tourism on site visits 92-052

Private Foundation, receipt of spouse's transportation expenses from 93-051

County government selling services to the private sector 98-003

Solicitation of Support 93-028

Solicitation of Support by DSS 92-211

Training for Agency Director 93-036

Vendor support of conferences 92-172

Voice-mail system, agency receipt of 92-166


Benefits available to all members, receipt of 92-025, 92-032, 93-012

Ethics Commission member accepting  benefits as member of group regulated by SEC 92-025

School teachers and administrators 92-074


By private organizations 92-161

City hosting county municipal association 92-125

EMS personnel and equipment, off-duty employment 92-178

Forestry Commission 92-080

Law enforcement officers off-duty employment 92-154


Commissioner as writing agent for health insurance provider 92-179

Dual office-holding 92-152

Nepotism provisions 92-035

Vendor owned by Commissioner 92-136


Commission on Aging 92-023

Employees also serving on statewide boards and commissions 92-205

Employee of one agency, seeking reimbursement from another 93-006

Event coverage as part of official duty 92-088, 92-112

Federal government, from 92-058, 93-053

Foreign government, from 92-199

Forestry Commission 92-058

Law enforcement 92-084

Lobbyists' principals, from 92-063

National boards & committees, from 92-061, 92-067, 92-088, 92-199, 92-210

National & regional organizations 93-053

Political subdivision board members not prohibited from receiving 92-050

Private foundation, receipt of spouse's transportation expenses from 93-051

Reinsurance facility, members receipt 92-242

Sheriff for out-of-town speaking 92-028

States, from other 92-058

State agencies 92-061

South Carolina Bar to public employees 92-051

Teaching hospital, faculty of 92-151

Textbook committee members who are school district employees 92-224

Training, contribution by State Fireman's Association to SC Fire Academy 92-185

Travel expenses for PRT officials & staff to attend conference 92-052

Travel expenses by vendor 92-046, 92-197, 93-008

University faculty 92-057, 92-100

Workers' Compensation Commission 92-143


Accountants 92-054

Accountant on county council, CPA firm before county treasurer 93-023

Attorney who serves on Town Land Bank Commission 93-002

Architect when public service is statutory 92-099, 92-119

Attorney in post-employment matter 92-008, 92-062

Brother of agency chair representing clients before agency 93-030

Business license/solid waste disposal fee board 92-118

City attorney in general sessions court 92-001

County attorney 92-169

County Board of Assessment Appeals members appearing as witnesses 95-006

County councilman 92-075, 2007-002, 2007-006

Engineer when public service is statutory 92-072

Expert witness, testimony as 93-058

Mining council, member of when service is statutory 92-079

Ministerial duties of professionals before county boards 92-145, 2006-006

Municipal public official owning and operation a bail bonding business that conducts business in the municipal court system, 2007-003

Political party chairman also serving on voter registration board 92-195

Statewide officers, persons associated with 93-055, 93-068

Tax assessor's office is county agency 93-070

Third party represent. of business w/which public member associated 93-047

University faculty 92-054


Attorneys 92-105

Contracting with agency 92-59

Nepotism provisions 92-134, 93-072

PAC, member of Board 92-141

Receipt of gifts from vendors 92-71

Voting on matters affecting employee's spouses 92-105


Awards to highway patrol 92-116

Awards luncheon for highway department employees 92-236

Business relations With lobbyists 92-007

Cable television, relationship with local officials 92-106

Chamber of Commerce events 92-090

Educational material of nominal value, distribution of 92-148

Invitations to functions, acceptance of 93-305

Joint program sponsorship 92-023

Private industry sponsorship of conferences and awards 92-186

Professional association employing lobbyist, membership in 93-012

Public employee retained by lobbyist or LP 92-043, 92-135

Reception, attendance by county authorities as corporate customers of telephone company 92-149

Seedling program, participation by public officials/employees 92-160  


Commission on Aging 92-093

Compensation for speaking engagements 92-151

Gift certificate, prohibited 93-071

Public employee & SC Bar 92-051

Registration fee, incidental to speaking 93-010


Advisory Board, filing requirements 93-066

Artists' proofs, receipt of by public officials 92-107

Attorney reporting fees received from governmental entities 92-076

Auditorium Board members receiving complementary tickets 92-089

Board of Architectural Examiners 92-069

Calculation of value per person of event 92-106

City officials 92-029, 92-103

Chamber of Commerce events 92-090

Commissions appointed by Governor 92-065, 92-073

Community central health boards 92-070

Conservation officers 92-126

Consultant engineering firm in contractual relationship w/political subdivision 93-039

County forestry boards, exempt from filing 92-168

County officials receiving anything of value from LP 92-031

Disclosure of anything of value 93-028, 93-035

Emergency responders reporting meal received from LP 92-169

Local official as consultant 92-056

Meals, reporting purchased by one public official for another public official 92-177

Meal invitations, acceptance by city council members 93-400

Official capacity, receipt of VIP transportation passes because of 93-038

Parks, Recreation, and Tourism division directors not required to file 92-052

Private foundation, receipt of spouse's transportation expenses from 93-051

Public Service Commission employee, required to file when employed by regulated industry 92-093

Purchasing agents 92-088

State cosmetology board member must report anything of value given by regulated industry 92-032

Statewide board and commission members 92-047

Sentencing Guidelines Commission 92-026

Textbook advisory committee, exempt from filing 92-163

Trade show, passes to 92-188

University faculty member serving on corporation's board of directors 92-100


Architect representing clients 92-099, 92-119

Attorney serving on town commission, representation before other town agencies 93-002

Board of Electrical Examiners 92-115

Charleston Pilotage Commission 92-033

Engineer representing clients 92-072

Mining Council, member of 92-079

MUSC instructor serving on Board of Social Work Examiners 92-124

Residential health care providers 92-164     


Agency reimbursement 92-054

Authoring textbooks for use in course 93-077

Consulting 92-085

Expert witness 93-058

Meal incident to speaking 92-054, 92-057

Service on board of directors of corporation 92-100, 2007-010


Sponsorship of meeting & conferences 92-027, 92-172, 92-204, 93-008

Accepting furniture won in contest 92-021

Event coverage as part of official duty 920-88

Hospital employee 92-092

Law enforcement 92-084

Meal/coffee break  92-037, 92-039, 92-146, 93-008, 93-029

Promotional/educational material at vendor-sponsored shows 93-008

School district trustees 92-071

State agencies, travel reimbursement 92-061

State agency using vendor-supplied computer 92-041

Teachers 94-014

Trade Show, passes to 92-188

Travel expenses for review team 92-046

Vendor loaning equipment to state agency 92-002


Additional compensation prohibited 93-044

Law enforcement advisory board 93-074

Receipt of anything of value 92-53

Receipt of hunting/fishing invitations 92-97

Statement of Economic Interests 93-066