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Advisory Opinion Index 


The 1991-2010 Advisory Opinions  that the State Ethics Commission has issued are available to the public through the folders in the left hand column. 

*****In reviewing Advisory Opinions SEC AO92-072, SEC AO92-099, SEC AO92-118, SEC

 AO92-119, SEC AO92-145, SEC AO92-195, SEC AO92-207, SEC AO93-023, SEC AO93-

047, SEC AO95-006, SEC AO98-006, SEC AO2006-002, SEC AO2007-003 and AO2007-006,

please be advised that those opinions have been overturned in part by an amendment to

Section 8-13-740(4) and (5).  EFFECTIVE April 12, 2007.  See R12, H3226 from the 2007

term at*****